Journal of China in Comparative Perspective

Vol. 1 Issue 1 June  2015


Editorial / Xiangqun Chang    
Preface / Stephan Feuchtwang     
Introduction: Transculturality and the globalization of Chinese social sciences: vocabulary, invention and exploration / Xiangqun Chang    

Universal dream, national dreams and symbiotic dream: reflections on transcultural generativity in China–Europe encounters / Shuo Yu    
Fei Xiaotong and the vocabulary of anthropology in China / Stevan Harrell 
Supraplanning (moulüe): on the problem of the transfer of earthbound words and concepts in the cultural exchange between China and the West / Harro von Senger   
What Western social scientists can learn from the writings of Fei Xiaotong / Gary G. Hamilton  
Social egoism and individualism: surprises and questions from a Western anthropologist of China – reading Fei Xiaotong’s contrast between China and the West / Stephan Feuchtwang    

Review essays

  • Chinese social theory in global social science / Martin Albrow 
  • Celestial healing: a comparative study / Ekaterina Zavidovskaya     

Book reviews 

  • Ritual and deference: extending Chinese philosophy in a comparative context / Reviewed by YU Hua  
  • The interweaving of rituals: funerals in the cultural exchange between China and Europe / Reviewed by YU Hua 
  • The globalization of Chinese food / Reviewed by Allen Chun    

Notes for contributors                 

Note: The Chinese contents are translation of English contents. Only those articles and book reviews have hyperlinks can read online. The Chinese Edition of the Journal of China in Comparative Perspective is published annually in a year time. It combines some articles and book reviews from the two English issues. It can be regarded as series of books. More...         




编者序 / 常向群  
序言 / 王斯福 Stephan Feuchtwang
代前言:超文化与中国社会科学全球化――词汇的发明与发掘 / 常向群

普世价值梦、民族国家梦及环球共生梦: 中国—欧洲相逢中的跨文化生成性思考 / 于硕
费孝通与中国的人类学词汇 / 郝瑞 Stevan Harrell   
谋略(supraplanning): 中西文化交流中本土词汇与概念转换的问题 / 胜雅律 Harro von Senger 
费孝通著作对西方社会科学家的启示 / 韩格理 Gary G. Hamilton
社会自我主义与个体主义— 一位西方的汉学人类学家阅读费孝通“中西对比”观念的惊讶与问题 / 王斯福 Stephan Feuchtwang                           


全球社会科学中的中国社会理论 / 马丁·阿尔布劳 Martin Albrow 
灵疗法:一项比较研究 / 叶可嘉 Ekaterina Zavidovskaya


《仪式与尊重:在比较语境下扩展中国哲学》/ 书评作者:余华
《礼仪的交织:葬礼在中国和欧洲之间的文化交流》/ 书评作者:余华
《中餐的全球化》/ 书评作者:陈奕麟 Allen Chun



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