Journal of China in Comparative Perspective

Vol. 2 Issue 1 June 2016

Editorial / Xiangqun Chang

Preface ‘How ideas become effective in history’ Max Weber on Confucianism  and beyond / Wolfgang Schluchter
Max Weber, China and the world: in search of transcultural  communication / ZHANG Xiaoying and Martin Albrow
A cognitive approach to tian (heaven) in ancient and modern Chinese / LAN Chun and JIA Dongmei
The West in the East: Max Weber’s nightmare in ‘post-modern’ China / Don S. Zang
A Comparative Study of Modern Chinese Political History, 1926 – 1992: Examining the Nationalist, Maoist, and Dengist Forms of State-Society Relations / Kuang-Hao Hou
Are Climate Policies in China and India Responsive to Demographic Changes? / Amitendu Palit
Lost and found: Fei Xiaotong’s lost manuscript ‘the relationship  between Protestantism and the Spirit of Capitalism / Xun Wang
International General Social Survey and Chinese General Social  Survey: chronicle data of social change in China / TANG Lina
Review essay
A corpus-based analysis in comparison of popular views in China and the UK on terrorism before and after 9/11 / HUANG Xiaoqin
Book reviews

  • Rome and China: comparative perspectives on ancient world  empires / Reviewed by John Ashbourne
  • Politics and religion in ancient and medieval Europe and China /  Reviewed by Lik Hang Tsui
  • Enemies of Civilization: Attitudes toward Foreigners in Ancient Mesopotamia, Egypt, and China / Reviewed by Huili Zheng 
  • War and State Formation in Ancient China and Early Modern Europe / Reviewed by Hilde De Weerdt 
  • After the Event: The Transmission of Grievous Loss in Germany, China and Taiwan / First review by Martin Albrow; second review  by Sascha Klotzbücher 

Notes for contributors




编者序 / 常向群
前言: “思想如何在历史中变得有效” - 马克斯·韦伯关于儒家思想及其他 /沃尔夫冈·舒伦特 Wolfgang Schluchter
马克思·韦伯、中国和世界:探索跨文化传播 / 章晓英  马丁·阿尔布劳 Martin Albrow
从认知视角看古汉语和现代汉语中的[天] /  贾冬梅  蓝纯
在东方的西方:马克斯·韦伯的“后现代”中国之噩梦/ 臧东升
“不是伦理文化俱乐部”:韦伯,梁启超和康有为关于证券交易所的早期着述/ Bryna Goodman
失而复得:简谈费孝通佚稿“新教教义与资本主义精神之关系” / 王勋
国际综合社会调查与中国综合社会调查 / 唐丽娜
‘9/11’前后中英公众媒体关于恐怖主义的建构之比较-- 基于语料库的分析/黄晓琴
《罗马和中国:古代世界帝国之比较》/书评作者: 约翰·阿什伯恩 John Ashbourne
《政治和宗教在古代和中世纪欧洲和中国》/书评作者 徐力恒 Lik Hang Tsui
《文明的敌人:古代美索不达米亚、埃及、中国对待外来人的态度》蒲慕州著,奥尔巴尼:纽约国立大学出版社2005年版 / 书评作者:郑惠莉 (音)
《战争与国家形成在古代中国和早期现代欧洲》书评作者 魏希德 Hilde De Weerdt
《事件之后:痛失亲人的传播在德国,中国和台湾之比较》/第一书评作者 马丁·阿尔布劳 Martin Albrow; 第二书评作者 萨沙·克罗兹布赫 Sascha Klotzbücher


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